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Use a Paybeta Utility and Bill Payments API aggregate from multiple providers, and build a customizable app or platform for your customers.

Paybeta Bill Payment API is designed for developers to easily integrate bill payment into any mobile or web application using any programing language or development platform.

Our API attempts to conform to the RESTful design principles. You interact with the resources exposed through the API by accessing resource collection and element URIs using the HTTP POST or GET method.

Access to our Bill Payment API is available to registered business and customers. You will likely need access to a web developer or programmer (if you’re not one) to get the most use out of Paybeta API.

Paybeta Bill Payment API
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Use our Bill Payment API to offer amazing services to your customers seamlessly on your platform.

                POST /v1/television/purchase HTTP/1.1
                Host: api.paybeta.com.ng
                api-key: PB_LIVE-X00XXXXXXXX00XXXXXXXXXXX00XX0
                Accept: application/json
                Content-Type: application/json
                Content-Length: 161

                    "biller_type": "dstv",
                    "smartcard_number": "7035804295",
                    "biller_code": "COMPLE36",
                    "reference": "111111111"

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